K-12 Teachers and Administrators … WIN $5,000 in technology products for your school!
Get creative! Grab a video camera and show ‘n tell how technology has improved your learning environment or achieved a particular education objective. Send us your video and you could be judged the winner! For example, you or your class can show ‘n tell us...
  • How you or your school uses technology (computers, software, Internet, YouTube, smartphones, networks, Facebook, webcams, etc.) to make the learning environment more engaging, effective or enriching.
Enter as many Video Stories as you like, but each one must be original, and must illustrate a personal experience or the experience of your classroom or school with technology in the education process.
A panel of IT industry and education experts will judge all the video stories submitted. Five (5) finalists will be selected, from which the judging panel will choose 1 Grand Prize Winner. Judging criteria will include any or all of the following: educational value, results achieved (or expected), uniqueness or creativity of the technology implementation and creativity in the production of the video or in delivery of the message.
Use one of the thought-starters below to collect your thoughts, then grab a video camera and start shooting! Video yourself or your colleagues … or make it a classroom project. Tell us how technology improves or contributes to the learning experience in your classroom or school:
  • Have you used technology to keep students engaged in their studies, or to make learning more interesting and exciting?
  • Have you used technology to enable better collaboration or teamwork among students or staff, or to enable better sharing of information or experiences?
  • Have you used the Internet and/or web-based applications (e.g. Facebook, MSN, calendars, tablets, Flickr, SlideShare, YouTube, Smartphones, YouTube) to enhance the education process?
For complete prize details see the Official Contest Rules and Regulations.
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